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Rigby ebay Angeloro

born: July 24, 2005

Aren't I a beautiful baby?!! 8 weeks here.

Went to the vet for an “exorcism”, those devil eyes!!

Meeting my new sister, Charlotte. She’s excited!

I just LOVE my Mom!! Watch me slime her glasses!!

PLEASE Mom, I'm asking nice!

Chasing my sister, Mariah, on the meadow.

Yup, I'm the NEW “bed buddy”! Notice all the room!

BORING! Conditioning for my new scooter is REALLY BORING!!

My first time at the “head of the class”!! GREAT I'm a natural! FINALLY, something I'm good at!!

Pulling Clinic. Sure wasn't obedience class - I SUCK at that!!!

This is EXACTLY why dogs bite! I'm kinda cool though, huh?!

On the ferry with my 2 moms! Did you know that I can ride the elevator to the observation deck and chase seagulls!! WAY COOL!

THIS is my “new-used” scooter! I get it Sunday, Nov 6! Can't WAIT to pull it! WAHOO!!!

This is me when I was “possessed by the devil”! Sure glad I grew into my eyes!! WHEW!!

This is my fake “snarl” look! Charming, huh?!

This WAS my favorite place to hang out, until I became a “bed buddy”!!

COOL, my 3rd new bed. How long before it “snows” in the house?! LOVE that stuffing, sure gets my moms excited!!

DAMN, now that she's bigger than me, I'll just have to get her into trouble all the time! Watch this! Mom is yelling at her again!! SCORE!

Here I am with my “hippy van”, camping out!

Queen of the Hill, I'm hunting! It's a SHREW!!! Mom will LOVE it when I put it on the bed in the camper!

Another picture of my “hippy van”, going kayaking, WITHOUT me, of course! I HATE, HATE, HATE water, unless it's in my kiddy pool!!

We're getting ready for my first run with my new-used scooter! WAHOO, this is gonna be fun!

We're on our way now!!

2.5 miles later, I'm DONE! That was REALLY FUN, though!! I could have gone further, but, mom was tired!

WOW, was I TIRED when I got home!

BIRDS!! Mom, there are birds, honest!!

YUP, I'm SURE that's a bird…a big, fat crow! Can I have it Mom?? Can I, Can I??!!

It SNOWED! COOL! Got a snowflake on my nose. This is gonna be a fun day, I can just feel it!

BUT, I don't want to come in out of the snow, I LOVE my dogloo and I REALLY LOVE the cold!

How come? I wanna stay out here and chew my bone in the snow. I DON'T WANT TO COME IN.

What snow? I'm just laying here
chewing on my NEW bone! I'll be REALLY good if you just let me stay out here, OK?

Sure, it's fun, but, that innertube needs some
tube wax, or a lighter rider!!

OK mom, I'm ready to go...quit talking and lets move!!

WAHOO!! Finally, something I'm actually good at (it sure wasn't dog obedience class - I really SUCKED at that!) I'm a GREAT sulky puller though! This is SO MUCH more FUN!! You gotta try it!

So, Brett, what do you make of all the excitement over you and me pulling this sulky?? They all think it's WORK! Wow, do we have them snowed!

Hey, check me out! I'm FAMOUS...I'm in the LOCAL newspaper - the Peninsula Daily News (PDN) on Tuesday, March 27, 2007, PDN Friday, April 6, 2007, and PDN August 26, 2007! More Sequim Gazette and PDN news on my new playground, the Sequim Dog Park at Carrie Blake Park.

Wonder WHY mom keeps chanting "A well exercised dog is a well behaved dog, and this makes a happy owner!"??!!

Hey Brett, why do you think my mom has such a pained look on her face...think we're going too fast for her?!

CHECK IT OUT!! Yup, that IS Lance Mackey, 2007 Yukon Quest winner AND 2007 Iditarod winner that Brett and I are pulling around in the sulky! We're at the 2007 ISDRA Dog Power Convention in Reno! WOW, did we ever have fun! Mom even got to meet Rachel Scdoris, 2003 Iditarod racer who is legally blind. She's Mom's HERO, she was so excited she was speechless..pretty good to have mom speechless!! LOL!!

At just over 2 years old, aren't I just a beautiful gal?! For my Geocaching.com buddies, YES, that IS a travel bug on my collar...I'm a registered travel bug, but, you'll have to visit me to get the number and log the find! I frequent the NEW Sequim Dog Park in Carrie Blake Park.

Here's my "self portrait", at 2 years old!

This was SUCH a great place to camp...out west in Sekui, just below the Tavern, dry camping, but WOW, was it wonderful! Only sound we heard was the crashing of the waves, which scare the bejeezus out of me! I HATE WATER!!


Here I am with some of my friends at the Sequim Dog Park! I LOVE the dog park!


WOW, that is one BIG DOG!! Stryker is a grey Great Dane I play tug-of-war with in the Dog Park!


LOTS more friends in the Dog Park! Some days we're there for 2-3 hours, my how time flies when you're having fun!


Lots of people friends at the Dog Park, too! 3 things to ALWAYS remember in the Dog Park: 1) BEND your knees, 2) Pick up POOP, and 3) WATCH your dog! The smart ones hang by the fence so that we don't accidently/on purpose take out their legs!! SUCH FUN!!


WOWZER! What the heck is THAT!! Oh, it's a Bloodhound! WHEW, will you get a load of those ears! Whoa, the feet are really big, too! And he's only 10 months old! He's gonna be HUGE!!


I'm part of the greeting committee at the Dog Park...I go over whenever a new dog comes in and howl Hello and sniff butts! THANKFULLY, we have a separate small dog area...less temptation for "yours truly"!!


WAHOO! I got it away from them ALL! I'm QUEEN of the pull toy, for the moment, anyway!!

WHY ME???? Christmas 2008

First Snow

WOW, I remember this stuff!

First snow of 2008...a week before Christmas!

Lynne and Rigby Computer

Mom working HARD...like watching paint peel! But, I get to sit in the recliner...BONUS!


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